Professional renovations of print cartridges

Recycle and protect your printing cartridges

Printing is nowadays an indispensable part of our work and personal lives. Renovations  and refilling of printing cartridges reduce your printing costs in the company or household, whether you have an ink or laser printer. It extends the life cycle of the cartridge, protects the environment and saves tons of plastics our society produces. In order to achieve long-term quality and reliability of the results, it is important to use the right equipment and components. Only professional refilling of original cartridges has sense and many economic benefits over the long-term period.

  • Benefits of our solution

  • Profesional filling services and renovations

    of ink cartridges and laser toners

  • 1. Recycle

    Control your original printing cartridge - protect your package
  • 2. Savings

    Save up to 80 % compared to buying new original cartridges over and over
  • We clean dried cartridges by steam, ultrasound or in a spin-dryer according to the level of pollution

    3. Quality

    We use special machines with vacuum environment and renovate cartridges with original inks, toners and components according to cartridge type and number
  • 4. Information

    We help and advise you when selecting a printer based on the best way of refilling cartridges
  • 5. In a few minutes

    Ink refilling is made in a sec in our shop, laser toners might be ready for you until next day
  • 6. Sending services

    We accept and send refilled cartridges and toners to those who cannot reach our shop
  • 7. Loyalty programme

    We appreciate our loyal customers and offer them a discount of 25% on ink refillings

This trend of recycling has been also applied by many public and private institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad (eg ALIMEX, Benzina, Czech insurance company, ČEZ, ministries, the towns - such as Brno, regional authorities - such as Pilsner, Mountfield,, Servodata, the High Court in Prague etc.).