How to send us empty cartridges and toners
Remove the ink or laser toner cartridge ...
... insert the print cartridges in an envelope (preferably bubble one) ...
... heading the address of FILLPOINT (Prešovská 4, Pilsen, Czech Republic) ...
... and handing it to the post office ...
... after arrival we check the cartridges, renovate and refill them ...
... finally, we send them back to you to the address you provided to us.
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In case of ink printers, did your ink cartridges work properly (did the paper scrape through the printer)?

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Details on sending

At the request of customers outside of Pilsen, we accept empty ink cartridges and laser toners. Immediately after their receipt we check their status. If the cartridges are functional, they are filled or renovated and sent back to the address provided to us either on consignment or using the contact form here .

For sending of empty cartridges you will pay around 40, - CZK according to the tariff of the Czech Post (for example in the case of a set of four ink cartridges - black , blue , yellow and red). For sending the filled cartridges on delivery back , we will charge you, according to the weight of filled cartridges, about 79, - CZK (again considering a set of four ink cartridges).

Calculate the cost of transportation with the Czech Post

In case you are interested in our offer, we recommend that you first contact us (by phone , email or through our contact form). We will give you the specific parameters regarding your order (price of fulfillment, type of transport, cash on delivery , availability, etc. )

Please indicate what type of cartridge you need to fill, the amount and your contacts; and whether the cartridge was functional during last print. In the case of ink cartridges,  the paper has to scrape through the printer - this indicates the functionality of the cartridge.