Product and services of FILLPOINT® in the field of recycling, cleaning, renovations of ink cartridges and laser toners, printers, colours and fillings are protected by a registered trademark. Our long-term experiences and know-how enable us to offer top services for the best prices.

Ink printers

Print cartridges of almost all manufacturers are made just so that they can be refilled and re-used. Print quality will not change if proper inks, components and technology are used during renovations. The biggest advantage of our refilling services is, in addition to the quality and long-term sustainability, also the price which is the fraction of the price of the original ink cartridges. You save with us approximately 80% of the original cartridge price (depending on the type of ink cartridge) .

However, there are various types of cartridge refillings. With manual hand-made filling using syringes, cartridges are often blocked . It is primarily due to the fact that there is not available any special type of ink per cartridge for home usage - the sellers offer home filling sets with some kind of an universal ink! Secondly, the quality and functionality of the cartridge is also affected by the environment in which the cartridge is filled. This is just the access of air to the interior of the cartridge, which significantly affects the rate of drying , the print quality and the ability to refill certain cartridge in the long-term.


In FILLPOINT, cartridges are filled in special machines utilizing a vacuum environment inside and using special inks according to the type of cartridges. We offer a complete renovation of most common inkjet print cartridges as well as less frequently used types and brands such as Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera, Lexmark, Minolta, Nashuatec, OKI, Olivetti, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox. Renovations are made within a few minutes in our shop (if your cartridge has a malfunction which can be removed, renovations will take longer). In order to fill the cartridge which includes a print head, proper cleaning is very important for its renovation. This is done with the help of ultrasound and special fluids. Therefore, high quality printing is guaranteed with us. Our performance can be recognized at a glance by both on the appearance of the cartridge, and especially on the print quality (no unsightly holes or dirty surroundings on cartridge packaging).

At the same time we do not recommend the use of compatible cartridges or refillings, the quality is not often the best (and eventually it also might be far more expensive option). The best way of cheap print is regular and proper refilling of original cartridges, which only you know how they were treated. Imagine cartridge to be like your own car, you come to us to refuel.

Renovation of ink cartridges can be repeated multiple times with proper treatment and only if filling was made professionally. We have verified from our regular customers that one and the same cartridge can be filled by us more than fifty times (but it depends on your way of treatment with the cartridge).

Advice for customers:

Do not leave your inkjet cartridge inactive for more than two months. If this happens, it could not have been renovated any more - filling inside might freeze. We also recommend to print one page at least once during 14 days.

Laser printers

Laser printers and copiers are particularly suitable for those who want to quickly print multiple documents. Fillings inside the laser printers is called toners (cartridges with powder inside). The renovation involves replacing all internal components (such as squeegees, rollers, etc.) and adding toner powder. During laser printing, there might be a slight release of toner powder, which was not printed on paper. Therefore, it is not recommended to use laser printers at home in rooms where you spend time the most. According to that is also necessary to maintain safe procedures when renovating to avoid the risk of injury.